New York isthe most popular and most visited cityin the United States of America . Twenty-four hours standing, never sleeping, the streets and streets where the rich and the poor are together, and the intersection point of cultures with endless energy.

The history of New York, where everyone can find something from themselves, dates back to the 1600s. The city, which the first colonists founded the city called New Amsterdam, changed from New Holland to Dutch. Millions of people from all cultures of the world live together in this city, which is known as the melting pot of the United States of America.

New York is the most popular city in the world, hosting 8.5 million people with its traffic, crowds, rat race and hustle and bustle. Shopping, sightseeing, theater, cinema, music, dance, nightlife, luxury and bohemian life are all together in the city, which allows you to do all imaginable activities. Leading many trends in the world, New York is a center of finance, commerce, advertising, culture and arts, fashion, entertainment and gourmet.

The city, which is the center of the world, has numerous activities alongside the skyscrapers, the bright lights of Broadway and the top museums. In addition to first-class culture, entertainment and charm, there is a cosmopolitan diversity in which both tourists and residents are constantly striving to catch up.

Giant apple, Gotham, şehir the city that never sleeps ”or whatever you say, New York is arguably the most exciting and lively city in the world. As the capital of the globalizing world, New York is the world in the world. However, it may seem very crazy and complicated, but it doesn’t take long to feel the spirit of New York. His endless energy makes him a city that must be explored again and again.

New York City Travel Guide

Manhattan is one step ahead from the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island districts of New York. The center, which is already mentioned as New York City, is actually the island of Manhattan. Pedestrian traffic is also serious in the city where everything is within walking distance. It is possible to reach your destination easily in regular and planned streets.

Manhattan is divided by street numbers from south to north , Downtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan and Uptown Manhattan have three separate regions. Numbered from east to west, extending from north to south 12 streets and 220 streets crossing these avenues parallel, the street numbering goes from the north end of the island to the south.

New York does not follow trends, it creates. New Yorkers can transform the oldest things into the most elegant and enjoy the most simple things. They meet for lunch, socialize in galleries, do shopping until the end, start searching for the next places to go in the region and finally enjoy a cocktail in a rooftop bar. That’s why it’s a place where people from every culture feel like home, and you’ll feel the same.

New York City Travel Forum

New York is the favorite center of tourists. But when you go to the historic South Harbor, you will encounter a place surrounded by old buildings that remind you of the city’s past. Manhattan is truly a place for both living and traveling. You can’t claim to be here without seeing Soho, going to Greenwich Village and Bleecker Street, visiting Chelsea galleries. Don’t even think about leaving town without seeing Midtown’s shopping paradise 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.

Once you’ve done it all, you can retire to Central Park. People come to have fun in Central Park, an oasis in the middle of this big city, or go to restaurants or bars in another popular place, Meatpacking.

In fact, you should stay away from Times Square, a tourist hell, but it is obvious that you will not! So at least do it at night so you can capture the image of billboards and neon lights. Maybe one of your Broadway shows might interest you.

1. The most famous skyscraper in the world: Empire State 

Take the Empire State building, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and ferry to Ellis Island as King Kong does . Most importantly, of course, see the Statue of Liberty in all postcards!

2. International Freedom Icon: Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty , one of the most important symbol structures in the world , is a gift from France to the USA. The monument, which has been welcoming visitors since 1886, is located on Ellis Island. The monument, which was brought from France to the United States in pieces, was united here.

3. An oasis in the city: Central Park

Central Park , one of the most famous city parks of both New York and the world , is a hidden paradise where Manhattan breathes. There is also a zoo in this park, where people can rest, walk and play sports at any time of the day. From the top of the Empire State building, the majesty of the park, where those who want to escape from the crowd, can be understood more easily. The park, built towards the end of the nineteenth century, is four kilometers long.

4. Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue shopping

Long Skyscrapers, luxury cars, shimmering shops on 5th Avenue , where the world’s best brands and stores. Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue Tiffany & Co, New York’s iconic stores, including Saks, Cartier, Armani and Bergdorf Goodman.

5. SoHo exchange

SoHo is the place for the most trendy shops for smart shopping. With its cobbled streets and cast-iron architecture, the trendy SoHo is one of New York’s most beautiful shopping districts. Everything you’re looking for from vintage antique dealers, luxury designer shops and art galleries to shopping malls is here.

6. Chelsea galleries and village food

Chelsea Galleries , the center of world art and small chic restaurants. The number of galleries on one side of a single street in Chelsea is enough to rival Istanbul.

7. Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center was founded by John D. Rockefeller in the 1930s and is the largest single business and entertainment complex in the world. With more than thirty restaurants, specialty shops and an ice rink, the center’s Radio City Music Hall is a popular venue for Christmas celebrations.

8. 360 degree view of the city and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patriarch’s Cathedral is  directly opposite the Rockefeller Center. The cathedral, which is connected to the Catholic Archdiocese administration building, is located on the Fifth Avenue on Manhattan Island between the 50th and 51st streets. St. Patriarch’s Cathedral ranks 11th in America’s Favorite List of Architecture. From here you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

9. Times Square and Broadway Theater

Times Square is one of the most famous squares in the world, where new offices and offices are located, where bright and stylish hotels, restaurants are fascinated by the New York Times. Manhattan’s most vibrant and entertaining area is the Theater District, known as the Theater District. The most famous section we know as Broadway Theater is located on 42nd Street. Bright lights and theater mega-productions are here!

10. Harlem

The name Harlem is often used to say bad things about New York, but permanent changes in the region have also changed the perception. Religious buildings and church music in the center of Harlem offer a different experience. Harlem, which consists of three different regions where Black people, Hispanic and Cubans live, attracts a lot of attention from the restaurants serving local taste.

11. Battery Park

Battery Park is an important respite at the southern end of Manhattan. With a great view of the sunset with skate and hiking paths, this park is also within walking distance of Wall Street. Wall Street, one of the most famous streets in Manhattan, has a symbolic meaning in the shadow of tall buildings. The wall, which was built in 1653 to protect Dutch colonists from the British, was in this street in the past.

12. Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of American Indians is a place where reflections of Native American culture are exhibited. Entrance to the museum is free of charge film screenings and archives are open to visitors.

13. Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art , home to one of the most comprehensive collections in the Western world , is known as BAT. Founded to compete with European museums, the museum dates back to the 1870s. With 250 halls and more than three million artifacts, this museum is one of the most visited places of the city.

14. American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History shows that something ancient might happen in such a relatively young city. The Museum of Natural History, which has been open since 1869, is a favorite of nature and science fans with skeletons, fossils and stuffed animals. When you go to the dinosaurs in the giant American Museum of Natural History, you will suddenly find yourself in the age of dinosaurs.

15. MoMA

MoMA has the most important modern art collection in the world. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant, which overlooks the sculpture garden. The architecture and exhibitions of the Guggenheim Museum are not to be missed when you go further up the city. We also recommend that you visit the museum, which was formerly the American Craft Museum and is now re-opened in 2008 as the Museum of Art and Design. The building overlooks Central Park and features contemporary art, especially glass, clay, fabric, wood and metal crafts.

16th Mile Museum

The Upper East Side is an area to the east of Central Park with many famous museums. The area between the 8th and 104th Streets is called the Museum Mile. Choose one of the best museums in the world, one mile from each other: the Metropolitan, the Frick collection or the Guggenheim.

New York, some of the world’s best classical art collections, can  also be seen at Morgan’s Library , where well-preserved manuscripts, rare books and prints .

17. Stunning Architecture

In a city with modern city architecture, it is very difficult to mention just a few places. One of the most important is the Chrysler Building . The eye-catching Neo-Gothic Woolworth building will catch your eye before the 1930 building, which has an eye-catching ornament on top. Also impressive are Norman Foster’s Hearst Tower and Frank Gehry’s IAC.

You can buy a tour to see the city from the river, take a helicopter ride or go all the way to Niagara Falls.

New York eating and drinking

While there is no other city in the world where cultural and ethnic diversity is so complex, New York cuisine has also got its share. Although it is necessary to book months in advance to enter some restaurants in New York, where alternatives are not exhausted with 20,000 kinds of food, remember that you have the opportunity to have lunch every day for another 50 years.

The most famous food pizza and cheesecake in New York. Pizza, one of the main meals of Americans, is easily available throughout the city. In the city where there are many quality restaurants, you can also see French, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, African, Persian and Thai flavors from international cuisine.

It is possible to find flavors from all over the world in New York. With about 13,000 restaurants, you won’t be hungry here. You can start the day with a brunch at the cafés at SoHo and head to Bleecker Street and the Meatpacking area, where the best restaurants are located.

The best dining options and five-star venues are usually located in Midtown, while more tourist chains are located around Times Square.

New York Shopping

Anyone coming to New York will surely do shopping. The city, which is the consumption center of the world, is a shopping paradise. You can find everything from the most exotic foods to the trendy products. Whether you spend $ 5 or $ 5,000, the only guarantee is that you will have an unforgettable shopping experience. You can shop 7 days a week in the metropolis where everything from the best shops, boutiques and gourmet restaurants is available.

Shops and top luxury brands are located on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue (59th to 79th Street). One of the city’s landmarks, Macy’s (the world’s largest store in its own name) is located on the corner of 34th Street and Broadway.

More interesting and independent boutiques are at SoHo. Most of the shops are located around Prince and Spring Street.

How to get to New York

If you are coming from outside the US, you will land at JFK Airport in Queens or Newark Liberty across the Hudson River. The city’s third airport, La Guardia, is used for domestic flights.

You can use buses that take about 1 hour to get to Manhattan from JFK, or you can take a taxi for $ 35 to $ 50 including a tip. If you are traveling alone, taxi seems to be the best option. Better yet, talk to your hotel and ask him to pick you up at the airport.

If you’re going to Newark, you can reach Manhattan’s Penn Station in 20 minutes with a free monorail from the airport. Alternatively, you can take a taxi for 50 bucks and get to your destination in about 40 minutes depending on the traffic.

If you want to see Niagara Falls, The Hamptons, or Atlantic City’s casinos, renting a car is the best option.

New York is the most visited metropolis in the United States , which deserves the title of a city that never sleeps . If you want to keep up with the rhythm of New York, you can live to the fullest from theater, shopping, nightlife with dance rhythms, luxury to low-budget travel.