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New York City Travel

New York isthe most popular and most visited cityin the United States of America . Twenty-four hours standing, never sleeping, the streets and streets where the rich and the poor are together, and the intersection point of cultures with endless energy. The history of New York, where everyone can find something from themselves, dates back …

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Costa Rica Travel

When it comes to Costa Rica, there is only one word “Pura Vida” that summarizes the whole island. This idiom, which has turned into a symbol of the country, 30% of its lands are protected, suits this place where you will feel more safe than ever, calm down with its …

Travel Travel Guide


ANTALYA First of all vacation plans … Antalya carries the traces of big cities rather than being a summer resort. However, Kaleiçi, known as the old Antalya, looks like a completely different city in Antalya with its unique character. Kaleiçi, one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean for …